Contractor Sell Sheet Wireframes

Layout & Copy Options


Dropbox link to view/download larger versions of below files:

Reminders: The below files are wireframes; print designer responsible for adjusting fonts, text and image placements, colors, background images, and the shape(s) of the folder, pages, and additional accents to make the collection look professional, cohesive, and well-branded.

Assumptions: Contractors will be walked through sell kit via in-person meetings.

Insight: Contractors not likely to read through lengthy pages; brief and direct copy should be used, in bulleted lists when possible, as paired with rich imagery to visually convey KCCNE partnership benefits, i.e. access to showroom, granite yard, conference room, design team, fabrication, financing, and 5% cash back. As program grows, select pages may be redesigned and reprinted to accommodate updated details or imagery, such as images from networking events, giveaways, etc.; new pages cannot easily be added to the stacked design.

Next Steps: Review each page and note what to add/remove; finalized versions of wireframes will be created; spelling and punctuation double-checked; separate text file and editable Photoshop mockup(s) delivered to print designer; shot list provided to KCCNE photographer.

01. MIBA Design Work Examples (Suggested Print Designer)

02. KCCNE Blank Wireframe Options

03. KCCNE Wireframe Sheet Layout/Copy Options